Who, Me?

Live Without Regret.

50+ years from now, on our deathbeds, let’s look back on our
lives and say, “I’m all I want to be.” Let’s say, “I gave it everything I had.”


I know it’s easier said than done. Looking back on my own life, I spent years as the victim. Sick. Close to death—over and over again. My father was an abusive alcoholic, and my shy, quiet demeanor was an unintentional beacon for the school bullies.


I used to think my upbringing was a handicap.
Now, I recognize it as an incredible gift.


Spending so much time alone as a kid enabled me to develop my spiritual gifts. While I’ve always channeled guidance from the Divine, I kept it to myself. (After all, no one wants to be branded as a weirdo, especially a 12 year-old girl.)

But over the years, God, Goddess & the Universe (hereafter referred to as Universe) were my constant companions when things got kicked up by life’s  whipping, chaotic wind. As a result, I’ve developed more and more gifts with each passing year, receiving visions and abilities that have astounded and floored me on more occasions than I can count.

When I do what I do best (and no, not The Electric Slide), there’s a full-body rush of joy. The client finally gets exactly who she is, why she’s on this planet, the obstacles and blocks she’s facing, and how to move past them. Beginning to end, the process is more delicious than that first slow bite of coconut sorbet, silky and sweet.


The 3 most important things you should know
before we become soul sisters:


1  |  I’m a rebel. I think for myself, speak my mind, and don’t mind doing so. Sometimes it means swearing, and sometimes it means terrible jokes. Regardless, I’m not one of those typical “spiritual self love mentors”.

2 |  For God, one size does not fit all. Come as you are.

3 |  We are energy. We are Spirit. And coming home to that can be terrifying. After all, we’ve been indoctrinated by society to search outside ourselves for answers, when the truth we’re after is literally within us, waiting for our recognition and connection.

Bottom line? We only have O-N-E chance at this whole life thing. (Or at least during this iteration of our reincarnation.) We can come at it from a place of fear, or we can latch on with both hands, eyes bright and hair wild. We can go along for the ride of—dare I say—a lifetime.


You in?




Hell yes!                Not yet.