I have often wondered what’s the point. I mean, what exactly is the purpose of life?


Is it to go to school so we can memorize information to regurgitate at will to prove we’ve learned something?


Is it to sacrifice a disproportionate number of daily hours to a job that feels meaningless?


Or is it to find our “soul mate”, marry, produce 2.5 children and live the American dream behind a white picket fence?


We’re shepherded by the collective unconscious to trudge along an acceptable path to being a productive member of society. The litany of conditioning reverberating in our subconscious from the time we’re born–stay in school, study hard, get a good job, marry, buy a home, have children, save for retirement–becomes a foregone conclusion. It’s what we know. It’s how we identify ourselves. It’s how we value ourselves.


Until that one moment. When you feel that niggle of unquiet. A questioning. And that questioning turns into a longing. A longing for something…more.

That more is LIFE.

  • The same life that births the rainforest and the desert.
  • The same life that spews forth breath from the whale’s spout.
  • The same life that guides the earth around the sun and causes the moon to coax the tides.
  • The same life that gives consciousness to every cell of your being.


LIFE, whose sole existence is to be EXPRESSED THROUGH YOU. AND AS YOU. In a never ending cycle of decay and renewal, ebb and flow, yin and yang.


You can ignore the niggle of unquiet. You can scrunch yourself into the box of convention and hold your hands over your ears while crying out ya-ya-ya-ya-ya to drown out the deafening quiet of the call for more, to no avail. Because once Life demands to be expressed through you, there is no turning back. Once awakened, you will never be satisfied with the shallow reality you’ve been conditioned to accept.


Life has a will. Life has a purpose. Life IS consciousness. And you, me, we are the instrument of Life. We are the conduit. We are the means through which Life experiences itself.


The opportunity in front of you is to choose Life. To choose to honor the knowing, the more, that you have within you right now, that desires expression. And when you have reached the nexus between decay and renewal, your covenant is not to leave behind inanimate things or piles of stuff, but proof of life–memories, love, forgiveness, understanding, connection, relationship–through the experiences we share with each other.


Experiences that leave their mark in the hearts of everyone you encounter. These impressions will exist for eternity, becoming greater as each mark transforms into a note in the symphony of Life. Because Life begets more Life.


We exist to experience. That is all. That is everything.

Tracy Elizabeth


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