Resolutions are something I decided I didn’t need in my life. They always felt like a should or a have to. And really, I don’t want to live from a place of should or have to. Not anymore.

Instead, last December I went on an inward journey. I took a month away from my social media addiction to just…be. Be present with my family. Be present with myself. I was using social media as a crutch. As a way to avoid looking at things within myself that I did not like.

It was enlightening. Painfully so at times and wondrous at others.

This is the year, I decided, that I am going deeper. No more dipping my toe into the shallow end of the pool. Nope, I am cannon balling into the deep end, fully clothed, sans life preserver. Because, honestly, another half-assed effort is a waste. A waste of time. A waste of money. A waste of life.

A few weeks ago I wrote a declaration to myself. Well, it was really a declaration to God/Universe. You see, in order to just be who you are, without the public mask we wear around others, you gotta let shit go. Because that’s what is in the way. That’s what is holding you back.

We hold onto what we’ve got out of fear of the unknown. We’d rather stay mired in misery just in case what’s around the corner is worse. But that’s crap we tell ourselves to feel ok with the choices we’ve made. The choices that built the life we’ve got today. The life filled with regrets that we continue to justify, day in and day out.

I wanted to share my declaration and invite you, , to write your own declaration to God/ Universe/ All There Is/ Source/ Whatever you wanna call It. Your declaration doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to rhyme. It just has to be honest.

I Surrender

I surrender…the need to know all the answers

I surrender…the need to compete

I surrender…the belief that I must please everyone else at the expense of my own happiness

I surrender…the belief that the world isn’t ready for me…or my message

I surrender…the belief that perfection is a requirement

I surrender…the belief that messy isn’t powerful

I surrender…any vestige of the belief that I am not enough

I surrender…procrastination, excuses, blame, fear, resentment, doubt and shame

I surrender…all that has kept me out of alignment, out of balance and out of control

I surrender…all that I assume I am so that all that I truly BE may be revealed

I surrender…the need for approval from everyone and anything outside of me

This is my declaration. This is my truth.

What is real for you, ? What are you willing to surrender so that all you truly BE is revealed?

Take an evening for yourself and go deep. And then write it down. Not just on paper, but in your heart.

Declare it to the Universe, far and wide.

I am preparing for my next evolution…and yours. Own Your Darkness(TM) is about peering into the abyss of your soul—not with trepidation, but with courage and the guts to go all in.

In about a week or so, on my very first Facebook Live(stream), we’re going all in with the emotion of rage. We’ve all got some and we’ve all secreted it away because its intensity brings up all kinds of feelings. Feelings that can lead to honesty about who you are and what it is that you truly, deeply, want for yourself.

What I wish you to know is that what I do is not for the faint of heart. It is not for the timid. I have gone into the abyss of my soul. It is gut wrenching.

But the freedom. Oh, the freedom, my love, is without equal.

Your darkness is your light.

be Wild, be Bold, be FREE


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