I am reminded of how easy it is to get pulled off course.

There’s a lot going on in the world–pain and suffering. War.  And a lot going on here in our own neighborhoods that you may (or may not) have experienced–strained relationships, tense encounters with strangers when you’re out and about, short fuses and rapier sharp words–and all the while holiday music plays in the background in an attempt to remind us of what this season is all about.

I have decided not to pretend that it’s Christmas-As-Usual, because it isn’t.

We have an opportunity to change our personal paradigm of how we live our lives, no matter what’s happening in the world outside of us, with consciousness and with actions that support what we believe. Every day. In every moment.

Today, as I was buying my triple-grande-soy-no-foam-extra-hot-latte at Starbucks, God/Universe guided me to buy the person after me their beverage. So, I listened. When he ordered his drink I said, “I’m paying!” And I handed over my credit card.  He was surprised and thankful.  But I can tell you with full certainty that I was more thankful than he was.

Thankful that I listened to my guidance. Thankful that I was in a position to pay for his drink. Thankful that I could do something nice for someone I don’t know with no agenda and no expectation.

There are 22 days left in December.  I have decided that each day for the next 22 days (and beyond) I will do something–I don’t know what, I leave that up to God/Universe–but I will gift a stranger kindness, consideration, a latte, whatever.  I want to live in a kinder, more loving world.  And what I know for sure is that I cannot change the actions of others, but I can certainly change my own.

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