When I talk about desire, I don’t mean sexual desire, although there is a place for that. The desire I speak about is “true desire”. And by true, I am talking about the desires of our heart gifted us by God/Universe, Source, All There Is, or whatever you call a higher power.

Desire is blamed for all manner of transgressions in society, most notably, suffering. In the realm of spirituality, we are told that desire is the root cause of all suffering and we must deny and rid ourselves of it for true peace and happiness.


You cannot escape desire for it is a part of you. It is the impetus for all life.

Desire is a spiritual path. Without desire, would anything exist?

  • Ancient Egyptians desired a chair, so it was created.

  • Hiram Maxim desired a way to curl hair, so the curling iron was created.

  • Laszlo Biro desired a pen with an internal inkwell, so the precursor to the modern ballpoint pen was created.

Without desire, there is no creation. The Universe desired to experience itself, so we were created. We are Life experiencing Itself. (For more on that, read here.)

So why does desire have such a bad rap? It has become a scapegoat for man’s twisted impulses and decline into amoral practices against his fellow woman, nature and creation.

That is not Truth and it is not why we have true desire. Our desire to be, do or have is an intrinsic part of our nature. It is the God/Universe’s way to lead us through spiritual awakening and alignment with universal truth.

Let’s say you desire to speak on stage about a subject you are passionate about. However, you’ve lived your life thinking you are an introvert and don’t like speaking in public. If you were to be “realistic”, you would deny this desire, tell yourself you are nuts, and live your life with a feeling of regret and that “something is missing.”

However, if, instead, you remained open to the possibility of speaking on stage, the Universe would orchestrate events to allow you to release beliefs that you are not capable of speaking on stage, which would in turn wake you up to the truth that not only do you have what it takes already within you, but you are meant to speak on stage.

That could look like a friend inviting you to write a post on their blog, which leads to the Huffington Post finding you and inviting you to write an article for them, which leads to you being invited to speak locally because the organizer of the seminar read your Huffington Post article and was impressed, which leads to free publicity and you being invited to give a Ted Talk.

None of this could happen, however, if you shut down the desire as that’s crazy—that could never happen—impossible.

We’ve all done it, right?

The end result being that we spend the rest of our lives living with regret, looking back with “if only” and “I should have,” pretending we are fine when we are actually quite unhappy.

Desire is jet fuel. It is the driving force of creation. And it is a part of you.

You cannot outrun it. You cannot hide from it. You cannot deny its existence.

You are the product of desire. And the seed.

What you do with that is up to you.