Searching For Truth

I’ve spent my entire life in search of truth.   Truth in the suffering and violence I endured growing up.   Truth in the choices I made that landed me in situations I regretted.   Truth in the awareness I experienced as a result of my quest for the answer to the one thing that eluded me.   WHY?   I questioned everything.   Relationships Purpose Dogma Sexuality Suffering Oneness Mysticism Hatred Desire Life Free

Are we really changing the world or are we all just stroking ourselves?

Are we really changing the world or are we all just stroking ourselves?   I think about this often. I think of the many dozens of entrepreneurs I know that say they are here to create global change, but their marketing reflects something else. I see photos of toes on the beach. Videos of people traveling the world. Buying plush homes. Showing off Hermes handbags. But I don't see any world change happening. Don't get

Here’s a secret: I never really wanted to be a spiritual teacher

I never really wanted to be a spiritual teacher. Does that surprise you? It's the truth. Being a spiritual teacher was nowhere on my radar. In fact, it wasn't even in my awareness. Sure, I talked to God/Universe my entire life. I knew things that defied logic. But spiritual teacher? Um. No. I began studying French in grade school. I studied art. And fashion design. On the side, I made jewelry and painted clothing to make

Russian Rouletting Your Life?

I used to think everyone else knew better than I did. Even though the Universe always spoke to me, I didn't listen. I mean, why would God speak to an asthmatic girl growing up in a poor, abusive home? It made no sense. Surely there were more appropriate people in the world that could share His message. And so I went from healer to healer seeking answers: Sound Healing, Reiki, Theta Healing(r), Chakra Healing, Prayer

I Surrender

Resolutions are something I decided I didn’t need in my life. They always felt like a should or a have to. And really, I don’t want to live from a place of should or have to. Not anymore. Instead, last December I went on an inward journey. I took a month away from my social media addiction to just…be. Be present with my family. Be present with myself. I was using social media as a crutch.

2016 broke me

2016 broke me. All of the pain, the lifetime of trauma/drama, the excuses I had shoved down into the recesses of my being were laid bare. I’d love to say I sailed through it, but I didn’t. I kicked and I screamed and I sobbed my way from beginning to...right now. There’s never an end to involution. Not really. But through that firestorm of pain came realizations of who I am. Of the lies I

What if your darkness IS your light?

"My darkness is my light."   Almost a year ago, I uttered those words in a room filled with women. Many of whom, days earlier, I had become acquainted with for the first time. I had met a part of myself, you see, at this event. I had squirreled her away for all of my life, probably for several previous lifetimes, now that I reflect upon it. I was afraid of her, this part of me. Afraid


When I talk about desire, I don’t mean sexual desire, although there is a place for that. The desire I speak about is “true desire”. And by true, I am talking about the desires of our heart gifted us by God/Universe, Source, All There Is, or whatever you call a higher power. Desire is blamed for all manner of transgressions in society, most notably, suffering. In the realm of spirituality, we are told that desire is

Say something real

Cat Grant and her estranged son were sitting across each other with Supergirl in between. As they spoke at each other, Supergirl said to them, "say something real, even if it terrifies you."  I immediately wrote that down because it sums up what I'm about. Being real. Being you.   Why did we stray so far away from that? You see it everywhere. In the advertising that sells us toothpaste to toilet paper. In the movies that

Live like no one is watching

My husband sat back in his chair, arms to the side, hands on his lap and asked, "aren't you going to take a picture?"   I had trained him, you see. I was always taking pictures of food when we went out to dinner and posting on Facebook. Everyone would oooh and ahhhhh and say how lucky I was to go out to dinner so often and travel as much as I did. I love